Nicely Painted House Like A Good Marriage

No matter how solid the marriage is, it could happen to any decent man. He could contract what they call the seven-year itch. And these days, it is coming out of the woodwork amongst a lot more women as well. They are not exactly what you would call bored housewives but they do want to get out a bit more, spread their wings and have some space. The danger for decent folks has always been coming along some or another fascinating person that you simply just cannot get enough of.

Fortunately, there is always marriage counseling if you are that serious about your marriage and you feel you still love him or her just like you did before the proposal, and then the wedding. Now, some rather observant readers out there, they may be single and not in the least bit interested in marital bliss, or not (actually, they’re very interested in painting the house), may be wondering just what does all this has to do with the painting company allendale charter township mi. Well, it is like this then.

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Back in the day, just like the married or odd couple, the house also caught its seven-year itch. It was considered something of a tradition, more than a necessity, to have the house painted every seven years. And it could even be compared to this ancient metaphor as well. After seven years of drought and worse, comes the joyous time of seven more years of harvesting and plenty. And what a fresh difference a freshly painted house makes after seven barren, and quite frankly, dirty years. But these days, thanks to all the hard work being done and the new paint materials available, it is no longer necessary to paint the house every seven years.