Amethyst Jewelry – An Amethyst Bracelet is the Classic Jewelry Gift For Any Occasion

There is probably no girl in the world that could resist fine jewelry. In cases where you are in doubt of what to get a special someone in your life, may it be your wife, mother, daughter or girlfriend, there is nothing like giving out an amethyst tennis bracelet to express your love for that person. This is a gift that is perfect for any age and any personality because of its classic design click here .

An amethyst tennis bracelet is a set of amethyst stones linked together in a bed of silver, gold or titanium. The stones can either be linked together without gaps which in turn need more gems or it could also have spaces in between. Of course, the one without the gaps are normally more expensive than the other type because it needs more stones or gems.

One of the good things about the amethyst tennis bracelet is that you have various options for the gem colors. Unlike other gems, you are not limited to just one color so you will be able to capture the person’s personality more. Also, you have choices for the specific stone cut that you want. The most common cut is a round cut but there are also bracelets that have square or even diamond shaped gems embedded in the chain.

If you are a little bit on the budget, you can still get an amethyst tennis bracelet since the chain is made up of different materials. Of course, gold and white gold will be a lot more expensive than silver and the choice is entirely up to you. Definitely, an amethyst tennis bracelet is a gift that is as classic as diamonds, only a lot less expensive. On top of that, you can easily wear it with any attire, whether it is casual or formal, making it a perfect gift for women of all ages.

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